September 4 Update on Minga

Minga returned to Panama City on September 4th, our Labor Day. She is staying with her daughter Ita and family, and will have her next dialysis on Tuesday night beginning at 10pm. That gets her out of the ambulatory dialysis unit around 2:30am, give or take. Then she’ll go back to Ita’s to recuperate before her next appointment on Thursday. The trip to Rio Hato is really too long for her to go back and forth all the time.  But certainly getting home at 3:00am or later is going to be exhausting too. Ita once worked as a nurses’s aide, and she is the least daunted by the medical issues surrounding Minga’s care. Ita’s house has a fair amount of commotion — the two youngest Jaris live there, as does their eldest sister Janelys with her two small boys. and during the day there are other small children around, as Ita provides a sort of home day care for some of her working neighbors. But at Teri’s house, the other option, Minga might well have been alone for parts of the day as Teri is working at the racetrack. She doesn’t get home until late, and might have trouble getting Minga to a 10pm appointment.

Minga’s new life is going to be hard on her. You might be wondering if it isn’t possible for an elderly person to be more accommodated in her appointment time. The answer is no, not in the public system. They take what they can get.

These are the latest pics of Minga from her hospital stay. Angel is her eldest son — #5 of the nine siblings in descending order of age — and the lovely young woman is Solangel, his daughter with Pastora, and Minga’s granddaughter. Angel lives in the city with his current partner, Magnolia. Sol is college-age, and I think she is going to university. She has two elder brothers, Angel and Armando. Both have young children, making Angel Sr. a grandfather and Minga a great-grandmother.

Minga truly is beloved by her family, and they are all struggling mightily with the possibility that her life may be nearing its end. I think the pic of Angel with his mother is especially tender.

Thanks to my sister Wendy who sends along these Facebook pics.

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