Melania Trump

One of my news feeds had a piece asking why all the media talks about is what Melania Trump wears. I think the answer is simple. That’s all we know of her. Other than the occasional bland tweet, we don’t hear her speak, or see her doing anything. The Trumps have not opened the White House for events. She seems to do little more than see to her son and tend to the vain, vulgar, cruel man to whom she’s married. She may be the least interesting First Lady we’ve had in my lifetime.

4 thoughts on “Melania Trump

  1. for Katie: Certainly true. I guess we all grasp the trade-off Melanie made. By all accounts her modeling career was stalled and she was about out of money. In return for marrying Trump, she got U.S. citizenship, a gilded tower, a son, and now, First Lady role. Only she can say if it’s worth it. Apparently since she’s still there, it is.

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