Panama 2017: Daily Update on Minga

Minga continues to respond well to dialysis; she remains in the the public hospital in Panama City, Santo Tomas. My friend Louise and I were talking about Minga yesterday morning as we walked to have breakfast at the Crumpet Shop. Louise, without knowing Minga, imagines that for her it’s not about how long she lives, but about the fact that dialysis is making her feel so much better. I suspect that’s right.

No one likes to feel unwell all the time — unwell when you go to bed, unwell when you get up, unwell throughout the day. The mind, when not overwhelmed by illness or pain, remembers a previous, more vigorous state. The spirit longs for that to return.

For Minga, it has. Whatever her long term prognosis, whatever the complications of her getting dialysis in the village, I’m grateful for these days when she feels alert, hungry, able to sleep, hopeful, and eager to socialize with her neighbors.

Pic below is Minga with one of her great-granddaughters, Grisel.

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