Update on Minga

Minga has recovered well enough so that she may not have to have a third round of dialysis in the hospital. That means she’ll soon be discharged.

The nephrologist has pushed hard for the family to choose peritoneal dialysis that can be done in her home, nine hours every night. The decision had to be made on Monday, because the port/catheter for peritoneal dialysis v. for hemodialysis go in different places in the body. Ita and Lily were there; Ita gave permission for the peritoneal dialysis port. She also signed on as primary person to train to administer the dialysis every night. I’m not sure how that works, as she lives way out by the airport — a good two hours by car from Minga’s village and probably three hours easily by public transport. Ita is the mother of the four Jaris, two of whom still live at home. Jarineilys is still in grade school in Filipio, where they live. Jarinelys graduates this year; not clear what her plan is, as she’s decided not to go to the free public university. Hard for me to imagine Ita moving back to Rio Hato, but she certainly can’t go back and forth every day.

Clearly the plan is still unfolding.

I feel fairly sure, from listening to Minga, that she doesn’t understand that her newfound feeling of well being exists only as long as she has regular dialysis. I think it’s clear that her health has been declining for some time, certainly more than a year. I think she’s felt tired, and itchy, and generally bad. With the crisis that landed her in the hospital, she was at the brink of death. Now, with her blood cleansed of toxins through dialysis, she feels better than she has in ages. She thinks it’s a gift from God and a miracle. She knows she feels better because of the treatments she’s been given, but she isn’t getting that those treatments have to be ongoing for the rest of her life.

Assuming they get the peritoneal dialysis up and running, that realization will come soon enough.

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