Day-by-Day with Minga

Some of Minga’s family read the blog, so they are able to clarify her situation in the hospital. The hospital does provide food, but it doesn’t have much seasoning nor any salt. Hoping to spur Minga’s appetite, the family went out and got her street food that hopefully was more appetizing. The hat Minga was wearing in the first hospital pic belongs to her great-granddaughter Darineth. Minga is wearing it because it’s chilly in her room.

Minga had another dialysis treatment on Sunday night, and she is recovering well.

She’s feeling well enough to get out of bed and visit with some of her fellow patients. 🙂

No word yet on the plan going forward, which will have to be in place within a matter of days.

Lily is trying to set up another call between me and Minga, which would be wonderful. Will let you know if it happens.

6 thoughts on “Day-by-Day with Minga

  1. Minga is doing very well considering how sick she was. In the hospital where I work we have 110 people that come three times a week for dialysis. People can live for many years with the help of dialysis. Hopefully there will be a place for Minga to receive treatment closer to home. God has blessed Minga with a wonderful family and friends and now a new medical treatment.

  2. for Phyllis: She is not nearly as afraid of the hospital setting as I imagined she might be, at least now that she’s feeling better. Nice to see her getting around chatting with neighbors.

  3. for Katie: The latest, pushed hard by the nephrologist, is that they are going to attempt home peritoneal dialysis — will write more on blog. Having talked more with Lily, I’m fairly sure Minga does not understand that her newfound energy and well being will last only as long as her dialysis continues. She thinks she’s had treatment that has restored her health and vitality. We’ll see what happens next.

  4. I’m glad that Mingus is feeling better. However, I caution that peritoneal dialysis and environment with dust etc. is not safe. Perhaps they cannot get her on the hemodialysis list

  5. for Katie: It doesn’t sound as if they even tried. The nephrologist said that hemodialysis, with a shunt where it is now in her neck — carotid artery? — has too much danger of triggering sepsis. He said the risk of infection in home dialysis is less. Not sure that makes sense. But they followed his advice and whatever needs to be inserted for peritoneal dialysis is now happening. That ship seems to have sailed. I fear the nephrologist is thinking this isn’t going to be a long term thing either way, and she might as well be comfortable in her home. Can’t be sure what’s happening with only second hand accounts, but it sounds as if the doctor is being quite directive and asking for decisions as soon as he gives his recommendation. I don’t think the concept of a “second opinion” is operative here.

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