Parallel Park

Parallel parking is one of those things that stays sharp only as long as you do it a lot. Years ago, when I was getting my doctorate at the University of Rochester, parking along River Road was at a premium. If you could fit into a tight space, it made all the difference between a ten minute walk to class and a much longer trek if you had to go out to the back 40 where the student parking lots were located. I got so I could have maneuvered a school bus into a space fit for a VW. But, as the years pass, I don’t parallel park much. I can do it when I have to, but I’m no longer sharp.

On my long walk today I saw a rather large commercial fishing vessel backing into the channel and around another fishing vessel on its way to parallel park along the dock. I can’t imagine.

For good measure, I also took one of my favorite shots of downtown Seattle. That’s a cargo ship to the right, filling up with grain for Asia.

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