The Dilemma of Trump’s Lack of Fitness

We knew that Trump has the emotional maturity of an adolescent boy after the Donald-and-Billy-on-the-Bus video, and voters elected him anyway. Evangelical voters and church leaders remain among his strongest supporters. A segment of Republican voters say that nothing he can do or say would turn them against him. Sounds cult-ish to me, but perhaps not to them. To them, I suppose it’s a version of standing by their man.

These voters aren’t the majority, but because of the Electoral College, they were enough to elect Trump. They could be enough to keep him in office, no matter how bad things get. Republican leaders in Congress are clearly terrified to anger the base.

Eventually Trump will be gone, having done deep and lasting damage to our democratic values. These disaffected voters will still be with us. In my view they are woefully misinformed about how the global economy works — their Rust Belt factories may come back, some of them, but largely staffed by robots. People without much education and who lack many advanced skills aren’t going to fare well going forward, no matter what Trump promises about making their lives great again. White supremacy, I hope, will not prevail. Anti-Semitism, I hope, will not be resurgent. Breitbart’s spouting vicious nonsense doesn’t make it true, no matter how much right wing radio hosts amplify the message.

The angry white voters who stand silent, or who vocally defend Trump, while snarling young men, and some women, shout “Who’s streets… our streets” will not be gone, and I’m not sure anyone knows what to do about them.

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