Conscious Aging: Less Can Be More

One part of my celebratory dinner with Nicki and John, honoring Jerry’s birthday, was Nicki’s gourmet meal — most ingredients fresh from her garden — and the delicious lemon pie. Another part was the Scotch we shared before the meal.

I love Scotch but no longer keep my favorite single malt on hand because my body tolerates less alcohol and I simply don’t drink enough to justify an opened bottle. It’s one of the realities of aging: our biology changes and our ability to process things like alcohol may dramatically decrease.

If I’m able to do less of something, I want what I do to be really special. No cheap booze for me. When John offered to serve a good Scotch, I was delighted to accept. I love single malts, and gravitate toward the smoky, peaty Islay brands — Laphroaig being the one I usually buy. John introduced me to another of the Islay single malts, a far smoother one that I’d had before.

The three of us each had two fingers of Scotch with a single ice cube, and it was the perfect drink — shared with the perfect company. Jerry was a Crown Royal drinker, but I’m betting he’d have had some Ardbeg too. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Less Can Be More

  1. Nice, a great Scot you are! My son and son in law enjoy fine single malts so I do have a bottle. It’s not for me, however. I enjoy a nice glass of wine. I don’t know if any wineries in Scotland.

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