Bannon Out

Anyone who thinks Bannon made an unforced error, or was reckless, with his interview the other day where he trashed Trump on Korea and claimed the power to oust diplomats at State doesn’t get Steve. He’s too media-savvy to make that kind of mistake. I think he’s had enough of seeing Trump strut around while treating him, Bannon, like The Help. Bannon certainly thinks he’s smarter than Trump, and here is Trump getting hauled around in Air Force One while Bannon gets belittled as a latecomer to the campaign and somebody who’s not all that important.

Bannon is a nihilist who believes that the entire system needs to be burned to the ground — the system, by the way, through which Bannon made his fortune. I can see him saying to Trump: “Breitbart and I  made you. Now watch us break you.”

I think he’d do it for fun, just because he can.

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