The People Around Trump


General Kelly stood by in the lobby of Trump Tower, arms crossed and looking uncomfortably at the floor. Not enough. Trump makes a mockery of the oath General Kelly took upon entering the Marines, as evidenced by statements that have come from all the military chiefs decrying racism and neo-Nazi anti-Semitic fervor. General Kelly should resign.

Gary Cohn is reported deeply angered at Trump’s support of neo-Nazis. But Cohn wants Trump to appoint him Chair of the Federal Reserve. So Cohn is waffling over what to do. It’s not enough. He should have resigned the day after Trump’s remarks.

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao stood next to Trump. She is caught between Trump, the man who appointed her to the Cabinet, and her husband, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. She says she supports both her men. Really? Resign, Madame Secretary. And for God’s sake, stop smiling at Trump’s white supremacist dog whistles.

Steve Mnuchin is Trump’ s point person on tax reform. He was there too, in the lobby. His presence gives cover to Trump’s racist and anti-Semitic bluster. Is that how Mnuchin wants to be seen, as one of the people giving cover to Trump?

I’m really out of patience with Republicans who are “upset” or “troubled”, but continue to play footsie with Trump. I’m with Ana Navarro, who called out her fellow Republicans on CNN in the strongest possible terms, demanding that they isolate Trump and ultimately remove him from office unless he makes a dramatic turn toward decency.

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