Ice Cream and Sushi — Together?

After two days of hard workouts at the Y, I then do a brisk two hour, 6 mile walk outdoors day — to change the tempo of my exercise and vary what muscles, joints and ligaments are being called into action. One of my routes takes me down through the Pioneer Square area, which is where I saw this posted in an eatery window.

I like sushi. And I like ice cream. But together? Nah.

2 thoughts on “Ice Cream and Sushi — Together?

  1. Ice cream for dessert after eating sushi … our favorite Japanese restaurant has fried ice cream and they will bring it to us on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. we actually have never ordered it but it is good even after just eating sushi!

  2. for Bryna: I recall that your family members are big sushi fans … especially Max, right? 🙂 I”ve had fried ice cream, but never with sushi. If I’m with you guys, will go with the flow and try it.

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