Bottoms Up

There is about a mile and a half section of Myrtle Edwards Park, along Puget Sound, that is well-trafficked and popular with people picnicking, reading, sunning, biking, walking. Then the trail curves around along a channel and toward the foot bridge to Magnolia — that part, while still safe, has fewer people. It’s not rare to see a homeless person huddled up among the bushes for the night, especially if I walk through early in the morning.

I tooled around the curve in the path just in time to see the backside of a guy who’d apparently slept here, in this somewhat protected spot, and had chosen just that moment to change his drawers. He wasn’t mooning me on purpose — just bad timing on both our parts. I continued briskly along, and by the time I hit my end point and was retracing my route, all traces of him were gone.

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