Coming Up this Fall

I have two big events that involve travel this September. I’m headed back to Rochester — a very quick in and out trip — to receive a philanthropy award from the UofR School of Nursing. There’ s a fund there which provides an annual Dean’s Discretionary Award to a promising researcher whose work is not yet far enough along to attract major NIH or other funding. For me, it furthers Jerry’s and my commitment to entrepreneurship — it’s like seed money for a start-up. The fund bears both my name and Jerry’s, which he probably wouldn’t like. Jerry believed that giving should be altruistic, an act done in low profile for the charitable interest of giving, not to attract recognition to the donor. It’s an interesting point, when you represent the interests of someone who has died. Jerry was an enormously charitable person — I wanted his name to endure in philanthropy somewhere. I have to think he’d smile and say, “OK, if it’s really important to you to have my name on it.” It is.

For my Rochester friends: Sara, Ben and I are coming in late Thursday evening and heading out again mid-day Saturday. I love seeing all of you, although it won’t happen this time. I promise a longer trip in 2018, where I can share coffee or a meal and give our friendship what I call a “good watering.”

In mid-September I’m officiating at the wedding of Emily Ross and Dustin Bulthuis, friends from Minneapolis. Working with them to create a wedding ceremony has been pure joy. We began with the premise that shaping their launch into the world as a married couple is an important step in creating the architecture of their life together, not just an exercise in party planning. I think that perspective has given everything that has come up prior to the wedding a larger meaning — and as anyone who’s been involved in wedding planning knows, there are a million things that come up! Happily, we got the ceremony finalized with plenty of time to spare.

What’s your September like? Although I’m far removed from having anyone to get ready for school, I still feel passing Labor Day as a big transition point. I’m still hanging on to the lingering days of summer, but see that turn to fall fast approaching.

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