Hearing What UVA Students Saw and Felt

Many of us watched news of the Charlottesville Neo-Nazi protest and counter protest with horror, but from a distance. Here in Seattle we had our own protest and counter protest, which due to the work of the Seattle PD and a good bit of luck did not turn violent. When I say “a good bit of luck” I’m referring to the fact that events like this can turn violent on a dime, despite excellent police intervention. Ours did not deteriorate into a murderous rampage. The protest in Charlottesville did.

I was moved on Monday morning to read in the New York Times first-hand accounts of UVA students whose lives are forever altered by the arrival of white supremacists on their campus, angry white men and women claiming the mantle of free speech and the right of assembly to cover their violent intent.

If you haven’t seen this, you may want to read and reflect on what the students saw and heard as well:



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