Swinging for the Rafters

Thirty seven year old Dan McLaughlin, born with no particular talent that would mark him as a golf prodigy and starting rather late in the game — seven years ago — tried to see if he could spend 6000+ hours and become a golf pro on the PGA tour.

He put everything aside — career, money, relationships — in order to devote himself to golf, on the theory that practice is more important than natural talent. He created a blog, a name for his endeavor — the DanPlan — and developed a following.

He just didn’t succeed at pro golf. His back gave out, actually, and he had to give up his dream seven years after his all-out effort began.


I’m not sure where you go with an endeavor like this after it doesn’t work. It’s not something I’d ever too — far too practical against odds that are too high. But I imagine Dan doesn’t regret the Plan, and wishes it would have worked.

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