Postpone the 2020 Election?

I thought I’d lost my capacity to be astonished at what Republicans believe, but apparently not. Consider this, from a Washington Post piece:

“Nearly half of Republicans (47 percent) believe that Trump won the popular vote, which is similar to this finding. Larger fractions believe that millions of illegal immigrants voted (68 percent) and that voter fraud happens somewhat or very often (73 percent). Again, this is similar to previous polls.

Moreover, 52 percent said that they would support postponing the 2020 election, and 56 percent said they would do so if both Trump and Republicans in Congress were behind this.”


I haven’t stopped reading political articles, even though I’m making a valiant effort to — as David Brooks proposed — keep Trump out of my mind. I loved the Obama presidency, and eagerly anticipated Hillary in that role, but I never thought about President Obama every day, or scoured the news to see his latest utterances. I loved his speeches, and found him a gifted orator. I think his remarks at the Mother Emanuel Church memorial service, along with his leading the massive audience in Amazing Grace, were among the most memorable moments of any presidential address. I enjoyed seeing pictures of his girls, especially Sasha, who grew before our eyes from a little girl in 2008 to a beautiful young woman, like her mother. I loved the Obama exemplar of family values, with Michelle’s mother living upstairs in the White House to help take care of Malia and Sasha.

But not every minute of every day.

Back to what American voters believe. Democrats, conflicted and struggling in the minority though they may be, are not crazy.

If half of Republicans would follow Trump into postponing a presidential election, Republican voters are crazy. Full stop.

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