Smoky Seattle

Many of you have asked whether our hot, hazy, smoky weather conditions are still present. Yes, they are. Weather forecasts still claim that the air inversion is going to reverse itself and all the smoke from wild fires in British Columbia will be sucked out. But that hasn’t happened yet.

I am not suffering respiratory problems because of the smoky air. I have air conditioning, and I’ve been exercising indoors — deliberately. Interestingly, the smoky air is worse downtown than it is where the kids live, even though our neighborhoods are only about ten minutes apart. Archie and I can still have our kickball game in the afternoon, and I suffer no ill effects.

As I’ve said, I like hot weather in August — I think that’s what summer is all about. But like everyone here, I could do without the smoke. And, I’d like to see Mount Rainier again; right now the mountain is obscured by the hazy air.

Our unusual weather conditions are all over national news. You’ll probably know about as soon as I do when the smoke is finally gone.

2 thoughts on “Smoky Seattle

  1. We just returned from 11 days in Southern California, Orange & LA Counties. It was very HOT. We walked around Disneyland with temps of 95 degrees and humidity of 65%, quite unusual for California. It was getting better after we left, At least, we had no smoke or wildfires.

  2. for Katie: Wow. Sounds really hot — and much as I love Disneyland, going there in heat and humidity is not my idea of fun! Our smoky conditons still haven’t really cleared — can’t yet see Mount Rainier, which is usually very visible at this time of year.

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