Opting out of Trump

David Brooks is a conservative columnist for the New York Times, one whose voice I am able to hear and respond to with less judgment and reactivity that I find when I attempt to read other conservative columnists.  I subscribe, generally, to the belief that in our highly polarized country, the way forward has to involve learning to talk with each other again. But I look at the enraged faces of Trump supporters still waving fists and shouting about locking Hillary up, and I am repelled. I feel no common ground there.

Back to David Brooks. He has a new opinion piece entitled “Getting Trump out of My Brain.” He says this:

For the past two years Trump has taken up an amazing amount of my brain space. My brain has apparently decided that it’s not interested in devoting more neurons to that guy. There’s nothing more to be learned about Trump’s mixture of ignorance, insecurity and narcissism. Every second spent on his bluster is more degrading than informative.”


I had a similar response to a CNN interview with Senator Richard Blumenthal, who was asked about Trump’s obsession with him. Trump recently sent out another barrage of ugly and demeaning tweets about Blumenthal’s amping up his military service during the Viet Nam war. Why does Trump bully and demean, asked Wolf Blitzer? Why do we keep asking, I wonder? It’s who Trump is.

I wonder if I can do what Brooks is trying to do, simply acknowledge that Trump is president until he isn’t, and focus my mind elsewhere. I’ll give it a try.

2 thoughts on “Opting out of Trump

  1. I read the David Brooks piece too. Great Idea — I thought. I think I can do that! And then there’s the
    “fire and fury” quote and I’m back in the middle of my despair.

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