Day-to-Day on Minga

I’m giving close updates on Minga because many of my regular readers have been in Panama and have met her — and care about her.

She is in the hospital in Anton, which is the next larger town up the highway from Rio Hato. There is a hospital of sorts in Penonome, although anything critical gets sent to Panama City. I’m not sure what Lily means by “hospital in Anton”. There is a larger clinic there than in Rio Hato, but I’m not thinking they can do much. Her doctor is running tests and is going to be in contact with Minga’s nephrologist. There is some chance that she simply has a virus, although it seems more likely that she is suffering from a worsening of her kidney failure.

I have commitments here that would make it very difficult for me to get to Panama for a few days any time before mid-October. I’m hoping Minga can be stabilized. I’m hoping we can have one last semi-normal visit in January, although that may be asking too much.

8 thoughts on “Day-to-Day on Minga

  1. So sorry to hear this. I am praying that she holds on for you until January, that you will find her waiting for you just as she was there for you upon your arrival that day as a rookie Peace Corps volunteer.

  2. I,Pam.  I know how hard it is to be a long distance from ghost we love at times of uncertainty.  You andMinga are in my thoughts. 

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  3. for Louise: Minga has had such a hard life, her body is having difficulty withstanding the diminished kidney function. Thank you for your prayers; she would welcome them. She has a particular devotion to the Virgen del Carmen, and to Jesus.

  4. for Ellen: Thank you. Yes, you do know. Right now I’m relying on Lily’s secondhand assessment — she’s in Panama City, and her mother is transmitting updates from the village.

  5. for Ada: Thank you. Minga is our age peer, more or less, but her life has been much harder. That difference tells, now that she is battling kidney disease.

  6. for Jackie: Thank you. I will pass along to Minga that you are praying for her, and for me — it means a lot.

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