Robin Wright on Trump

I’ve actually heard Robin Wright speak in person, at the Camden Conference in Maine. She’s a noted journalist and Middle East expert. She has a new piece in the New Yorker about Trump’s essential ignorance, and his seeming lack of interest or ability in learning anything while on the job.

Combined with a new article in the New York Times about how potential Republican candidates for the U.S. Presidency in 2020 are starting stealth campaigns — including Pence — the overall impression is of blood in the water. Trump’s core voters may still love him, but the sharks — even in his own party — are circling.

3 thoughts on “Robin Wright on Trump

  1. Great article. I get the New Yorker and am always behind, but I couldn’t find this article in either the July 24, 31 or August 7/14 one. Cathy gave me the subscription last year. I told her you are not supposed to give your mother a present that makes her feel guilty, which I do every time I recycle the magazine in which I might have read one or two articles. Cathy told me she looks through the whole magazine, picks out usually two and reads them and lives with that. I started to do the same, though like Cathy I always read the various reviews.

  2. for Ada: I read so much online, that I often don’t read the print version — although it has things, like the bar and restaurant reviews, that I don’t find online. I agree — I get to feeling guilty when my print subscriptions pile up.

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