If Kelly Quells the Chaos….

I have  somewhat different take on what might happen if new White House Chief of Staff Kelly quells the chaos. Some think that will allow Trump to focus on the policy decisions that typically come from the Oval Office. I think Trump is incapable of focusing on those kinds of complex matters, and that’s why he generates the daily tweet storm drama to which we are rapidly becoming accustomed. The chaos covers up emptiness. Absent the chaos, the vacuousness of this presidency will stand in full reveal.

If you disagree, take a look at the WSJ interview with Trump, as reported by Politico.


We all knew, from the campaign, that this is a man who can’t string three coherent sentences together. I defy anyone who reads this interview, even the most ardent Trump supporter, to agree with Trump’s claim that he is, like, really smart.

2 thoughts on “If Kelly Quells the Chaos….

  1. And take a look at Catherine Rampell in this morning’s Post about how Trump might not be able to get a green card under his proposed system……….especially about his ability to pass a written English test!

  2. for Ada: My level of trust in Trump and his nationalists is so low that anything he suggests strikes me as wrongly motivated. I think there is a discussion to be had about immigration policy, but I don’t trust any of the Trumpers to lead it.

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