“Drive In Jesus”

The New York Times has great Op-Docs, of which this is one. Las Vegas has drive-up weddings, where you pay a modest fee to drive up to something like a bank window where a metal drawer comes out to receive your information, takes it in, and returns a fully legal marriage certificate. Last time I was in Vegas — many years ago — this expedited wedding option cost $19.95. I’m sure it’s more expensive now.

Daytona  Beach, Florida, has drive-in Jesus. Like the old drive-in moves of yore, worshippers come in their cars to a big grassy parking space, turn on a certain radio channel, and get Sunday worship without ever leaving the vehicle. On the way in they get a thimble-sized plastic cup of wine and a sliver of bread for communion. There is a collection — men walk among the cars with loot bags to accept bills and coins. There is a celebrant for the worship service, who stands on a sort of stage in front of everybody and speaks through a sound system. Apparently Drive In Jesus is popular with the handicapped, with people who want to worship with their pets, and with people who want to do their praying alone, from the comfort and protection of a car.

You know that if I’m ever in Daytona, I’ll be there, snapping pics for the blog.


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