Getting to Know Seattle: Heat Wave

Yes, Seattle is having a bona fide heat wave: temperatures are in the high 80’s to mid 90’s, and this in a city where long-timers think 72 degrees is hot. Many condos and apartments and homes don’t have air conditioning, because it’s not usually needed. If you live in a sun-facing apartment with an entire wall of glass like I do, you need it. I do have an air conditioning unit in the apartment, although it’s not powerful enough to combat this heat wave. I have to fiddle around with the blinds to deflect the most intense hours of sun in order to keep things relatively cool.

Neither of my kids has air in their homes, although they seem to stay fairly cool anyway. Matt and Amy open the pool once everyone is home, so a swim helps the kids sleep better.

We’re also having some kind of air inversion thing which is sucking smoke from British Columbia wildfires into downtown Seattle. I have a southern view, and it’s all haze and smoke — too much for me to sit out on my balcony after dinner and read. Friend Louise, who lives two blocks away, has the northern view of Puget Sound, and got this beautiful sunset. But you can see the smoke. It’s all supposed to clear out over the weekend, which I fervently hope. Heat is good. Smoky air is not.

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Heat Wave

  1. There are heat waves all over. We’re in
    A California and we’re dripping in 95 degrees and 60% humidity with a little storm bringing rain, atypical for this usually dry area.

  2. for Katie: At least we’re not humid here, just hot. Got your Fairy Godmother invite today — really beautiful and very inspiring, I must say. You are amazing.

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