Exercise When the YMCA is Closed

Normally, in the midst of a heat wave, I’d choose to walk down to the YMCA and exercise there. But the Y is closed all week for annual maintenance and cleaning. So, I’m doing a two hour walk outside most days, which is six miles and about 14,000 steps. With the ordinary walking that I do the rest of the day, I hit my aspirational goal of 15,000. I go out early in the morning, of course, before the heat really revs up.

Seafairer Weekend is fast approaching, and the U.S. Navy is here to participate in events in Puget Sound. That means tours of naval ships, and watching the ships on parade with other vessels. I passed by on Wednesday, and it was VIP tour only. These visitors got a ride around Puget Sound, which won’t happen for the general public.

The haze you see is in part a result of the heat, but more so due to an air inversion that is sucking wildfire smoke from Canada into our area. More on that in the next post.

2 thoughts on “Exercise When the YMCA is Closed

  1. Good to hear and see your still working out. I know you will forever. Proud of you. That’s how you keep in such great shape.

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