Scaramucci Out

New White House Chief of Staff Kelly had to exert his authority in some way, and Scaramucci was the obvious and easy target. He’s out — surely a requirement of Kelly agreeing to take the job. Scaramucci must feel whipsawed. He did exactly what Trump wanted, in the way Trump wanted, when he savaged Reince Priebus. Instead of a reward, Scaramucci gets dumped.

But is isn’t going to be enough to take out small fish like Scaramucci. Kelly will also have to tame people like Bannon, who has his own platform with the Breitbart media network and the uber-wealthy Mercer family. And Kelly will have to tame Trump — want to take bets on that one?

2 thoughts on “Scaramucci Out

  1. for Katie: It’s a terrible feeling, to be the laughingstock of the world. And I agree with you that we are.

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