A Hostile-Reactive Persona

Trump is, and seemingly has been since adolescence, a hostile-reactive persona. The more people give him reasoned arguments why he can’t do something, the more urgent his need to do that exact thing — boldly, belligerently, in-your-face. He can suppress the impulse for short periods, then the need to satisfy the reactive response becomes overwhelming. He does the exact thing he was advised not to do.

Will he fire Jeff Sessions, and/or Robert Mueller? Probably. Not because either act is a good idea, but because Trump can’t help himself.

In the world of commercial real estate and licensing/branding, the reactive persona sometimes cost Trump money. But he didn’t really care. He hoards money, using it only to further the image and comfort of himself and his family. He doesn’t give any money charitably, or let go of money to support political or other causes. He hoards, other than spending on glitz and glamour.

Who knows what his hostile reactive persona will eventually cost him in politics? I hope a lot, but if we’re depending on McConnell-Ryan and their Republican band, I’m not optimistic.

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