Getting to Know Seattle: How Hot is TOO HOT

People who were born in the Pacific Northwest or who’ve lived here for a long time seem to think that anything over 72 degrees is WAY TOO HOT.  Alas, I can’t agree. I think summer is all about hot, although I’m not a big fan of humidity. My context for “hot” is the beach sun at the Jersey shore, which somewhat mitigates the 68 degree water temperature, and Panama — which is really hot year round, between 85 and 90 degrees. If you’re visiting with me and looking for a big cool-off after the sun is down, forget it. Doesn’t happen.

Yesterday reached 80 degrees in Seattle, which was lovely. People at the beach at Green Lake thought so too.

This pic is for Lily, who can access it on her IPhone. She and Gloria liked visiting Green Lake, although they weren’t so enthusiastic about my making them walk all the way around. The walk is just under three miles. 🙂

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