Shoes Dropping

Spicer is out. Sessions will follow, I believe, after the new revelations of his in-depth discussions with Russian ambassador Kislyak in 2016. The mendacity of Trump and his coterie is beyond belief. Trump is rattling cages all around Washington with his fury at Robert Mueller and the direction of the investigation — perhaps foreshadowing more big shoes to drop.  I’m not at all sure those shoes will belong to Mueller. Increasingly, I believe that Trump’s tax returns and an in-depth examination of his family’s business dealings with Russian oligarchs will reveal considerable and considerably shady transactions, going back a long way. That Trump has fervently denied such things means nothing, not in light of the track record of his administration and of Trump himself.

Six months in, the reality TV show starring Donald Trump feels about ready to crash and burn. Can’t happen soon enough for me, even though I think Pence is dumb as a post and a throwback to an earlier and now irrelevant era. What a nightmare these next years are going to be: forced choice between bad and worse.

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