O.J. Simpson

I watched part of the O.J. Simpson parole hearing while working out yesterday. At one point O.J. audaciously claimed to have led a pretty conflict free life. Except for brutally murdering his then-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman, of course.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?

Jeffrey Toobin points out that people can be acquitted of brutal crimes they actually committed, and imprisoned for other less consequential matters, like the armed scuffle in a Nevada hotel room over stuff related to his football years that O.J. claimed was his. He threatened, waved a gun, held the guys who had his trophies against their will, and was convicted of gun charges, attempted kidnapping and robbery. He finally went to jail, not for killing the mother of his children and an innocent man who happened to be in her company, but for the fracas over his stuff.

Simpson was granted parole, and will be out of jail in October.

I wish he was made to stay in jail. But our justice system, even when it works, doesn’t exactly work like that. Retribution for a bad jury verdict isn’t what keeps a person behind bars, even when he’s dumb enough to be convicted of quite another thing.


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