Tour de France: The Physical Cost

Even if you’re not a fan of professional cycling, take a look at this photo of the legs of a Tour rider at the beginning of the third and final week of the Tour. These men are lean and wiry to begin with — no extra body fat. They consume carefully calibrated diets all year round, and especially during the Tour to keep up with the phenomenal amount of energy they expend every day. That said, look at this guy’s legs. They look like cadaver legs to me — but they are not. They are simply showing the physical cost of professional cycling, in the most competitive race of the year.

I also notice the “biker tan” on his front thighs, just above the knee — the part that gets the most sun as they ride. When I rode a lot in bike shorts I had a biker tan like this as well, and I was very proud of it. 🙂

Scroll down to the second pic in the article — the one of the legs.

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