Panama 2017: Happy Birthday Luis!

Luis Betancourt is Minga’s grandson. His mother, Mari, was born after I left Panama in 1969, but when I returned with Sara, she came running to the car. “I know Tia Pamela,” she said. “My sisters talked about you all the time.”

Her words gave me a pang of regret. They must have thought, in those early years, that I would come back — not that there would be a gap of 40 years.

Mari and her marido Luis have two offspring: Harlennys, who is Darineth’s mother, and young Luis. They are, and have always been, exceptionally attractive young people.

Luis turned 17 on Sunday, and I’m sending him love and wishes for a very happy birthday.

Harlennys and Luis.

2 thoughts on “Panama 2017: Happy Birthday Luis!

  1. for Phyllis: Do you remember that we’ve called him “Luisito” — little Luis? Not any more!

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