Conscious Aging: Friends of Different Ages

When we are younger, an age difference of ten or twenty years is insurmountable in terms of friendship. A twenty five year old isn’t going to hang out as friends with a five year old. Nor is an eleven year old going to tag along with a twenty one year old for a Friday night at the hot new local bar.

But age differences are not insurmountable now.

My friend Louise is ten years older than I am. We are both active, share a lot of interests, travel well together, and are up for spontaneous happy hours here in Seattle. My friend Jane, who is here for work from San Francisco, is easily twenty years younger than I am. Her family lived across from us on San Gabriel Drive in Rochester; Jane and her sister Ellen babysat for our kids. Jane has gone on to have an interesting career with Doctors without Borders, working in crisis-ridden countries like Central African Republic and Darfur. Our age difference makes little difference to either of us. We get together as friends.

I like that the age range of friendship expands as we age. The point is who we find interesting, not how old the person is — or even what the history might be in terms of how and where we met.

How about you? Do you have friendships in which there is an age gap? Do you find that it works easily, or not?

2 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Friends of Different Ages

  1. I like having friends in different age groups. I find it is easy to meet people older than I, but more difficult to meet people younger than I. I belong to a book group of mostly retired teachers, but one of the teachers is not yet retired……….in her mid forties with younger children. I like that. But I have to admit that most of my friends are my age or older.

  2. for Ada: I like being surrounded by people of different ages, which is why moving to a retirement community doesn’t appeal much, at least so far.

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