Conscious Aging: Cheering Older Athletes

All things being equal, I often cheer for the older athlete — a win feels like a victory for my tribe.

Thirty seven year old Venus Williams could not defeat twenty three year old Garbine Muguruza in the women’s Wimbledon final. But thirty five year old Roger Federer did defeat Marin Cilic, age twenty eight, in the men’s final.

In Le Tour, 32 year old Chris Froome holds an 18 second lead over 27 year old Fabio Aru — far too close to predict his win at the end of the Tour, but Froome is looking strong and overcame a flat tire at the beginning of the last climb in order to retain his lead. Getting back into the main field on a hill requires a lot of energy and skill.

FitBit tells me that I’m in great shape for my age, although my legs feel like lead when I jog and I can’t catch Archie in a game of kickball when he sends the ball over my head and I have to run after him as he zooms around the bases.

I have to remember to compare myself to that — my age peers — and not to myself as a younger person. 🙂

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