Conscious Aging: Saturday Morning

When Sara isn’t here to have breakfast with me, as she wasn’t yesterday, I like to be up and out early on my own. I enjoy the early morning light, the sparse crowds on the streets, the sense of having a whole day stretched out before me. Competing with that is the Tour de France, which starts live here at 5:30am. I’m up and watching by 7am, and the race is usually determined and the stage winner clear between 8:30 and 8:45am. So, I watched the Tour until then, donned my Tour de France hat, and hit the streets — later than usual, but still OK.

I headed toward Pike Place Market, and the Crumpet Shop. I’ve become a huge fan, and am slowly working my way through the choices. Here are my top winners so far:

Most filling and delicious: crumpet with egg, English cheddar, ham, and tomato. A crumpet isn’t huge, just about the size of half an English muffin. With all of this piled on, a savory crumpet breakfast is quite filling.

Most dessert-like: crumpet with ricotta cheese and lemon curd. To die for.

Most comforting: crumpet with peanut butter and jam. Choice of raspberry, orange marmalade, strawberry — I got raspberry and it was delicious. What is it about peanut butter and jelly that warms the heart?

Up next: ricotta, Vermont maple butter, and nuts. The guy next to me on the short stools along the counter had this, and I must say I had to restrain myself from going back to the counter and getting one. 🙂

With a free second cup of very good coffee in hand in a “to go” cup, I set out to get my 15,000 steps — the goal for each of the two weekend days. That takes me 136 minutes [for 15,256 exactly], and covers 6.56 miles, and burns 1320 calories, or so says FitBit.

Walking along the Sound, I passed loads of wild blackberry bushes. Seattle apparently has the perfect climate for blackberries; they grow everywhere, cultivated or not. These aren’t quite ripe; they need a few more weeks of sun to grow larger and turn darker in color.

Got back to the apartment around 12:30, where I had a light lunch and delved into the new Gabriel Allon book on my Kindle.

And how did you spend Saturday morning?

2 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Saturday Morning

  1. for Katie: I, alas, have never met a carb that I don’t love. Wondering about the wisdom of getting you hooked!! That said, yes, you should try a crumpet. 🙂

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