SAM’s Latest Exhibit: Infinity Mirrors

As I’ve written about before, the Seattle Art Museum lands absolutely wonderful traveling exhibits. The latest is Infinity Mirrors by artist YaYoi Kusama. The artist, who has a video as part of the exhibit where she answers questions about her work, is 88. She was born in Japan, and lived in Seattle early in her career. Now she once again lives and works in her home county.

She is interested in creating the experience of infinite space — and the exhibit is dazzling. Within the exhibit space, which displays a variety of her works, are six small rooms. Two or three visitors to the exhibit get 20-30 seconds inside each room. There, with the use of mirrors, the small space opens out as far as the eye can see.

I wonder if this show is, in one sense, a metaphor for aging. As the range of the body declines, the interior experience of opening out to the physical world and beyond intensifies. That doesn’t mean “aging” is the only metaphor for this show, and most of the visitors were much younger than I — including some very well behaved small children. But I think, if I could speak Japanese, I would ask the artist. Is this what being 88 feels like for a highly creative and spiritual woman?

And don’t you love the hair? Would that I were so bold.

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