What Having a Reactive President Means

Since he was an unruly adolescent that his parents sent off to military school, Trump has shown himself to have an essentially reactive personality: if someone in authority says A, he will reflexively do B. He’s unraveled many of President Obama’s signature moves, simply because they were put in place under President Obama — there’s no evidence of thoughtful analysis, just “If Obama believed in it, I’m going the opposite way.”

Trump has been threatening a trade war with the rest of the world, which he would ignite by putting in place tariffs on steel.


Top Republican and Democratic economic advisors have banded together in a letter to warn Trump what a potentially bad idea this is.

Here’s the problem: that’s exactly the kind of thing that will goad the reactive Trump into going forward with his tariff plan.

People who voted for Trump thought they were getting a savvy business man to run the country. Instead, they voted for a reactionary adolescent. The global economy will likely pay a stiff price.

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