Trump and Trump Jr.

For someone who dislikes the Trump entourage as much as I do, the news about Trump Jr. and his meeting with a Russian attorney offering to dump nasty stuff about Hillary Clinton is music to my ears. I love every moment of the Trump discomfort, no matter where it leads.

I find myself wondering, if this thing really turns bad, who Donald Trump will throw under the bus in order to protect himself. Word has it that Trump is loyal to family above all. I’m not so sure. I think Trump is an emotionally vacuous person. I think he is loyal only to the extent that people fawn over, flatter him. which his sons and daughters certainly do. Now Donald Jr. and Jared are causing him trouble. I think Trump would jettison Jared in a New York minute. Ditto for Ivanka; women, for Trump, are arm candy, something to affirm the masculinity of an aging, deeply insecure man. Women do not get to be a problem, or add to the problem. If Ivanka is part of the Russia affair, she’s gone — right after jared. And the sons, Donald Jr. in particular? Gone. In the end, it’s only The Donald, standing alone.

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