The latest Trump spin word for the constant drumbeat of contacts with Russia is “nothingburger”. Nice word — not very persuasive. In any case, there are an awful lot of nothingburgers piling up.

Priebus and Conway both have children. I wonder, if their kids came home and said their new friends were the local drug dealers, or gang members from MS13, but they were just hanging out and there was nothing to it, either Trump spokesperson would have his/her concerns assuaged?

David Remnick, writing for the New Yorker, described the Trump administration as “grimy” — that’s a far more accurate descriptor to me of life in Trump world than nothing burger.

Do you wonder why Trump stalwarts aren’t more concerned? Apparently, they get all or most of their news from Fox, and the channel doesn’t cover anything negative about Trump, or if it does, it lumps the story under fake news. Trump followers may not be deplorable, or may not want to be thought of that way, but they are ignorant.

Apparently Mike Pence is hard at work cultivating Republican donors and bigwigs at private dinner events. I’m wonder if there’s very closely held conversation going on in Republican circles in Congress about a tipping point, when even the legislators elected from states that went heavily for Trump have had enough?

The grimy, sordid story churns on.

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