Blister: To Pop or Not

I haven’t had a blister in years — can’t remember the last time I had one, in fact. But on Saturday morning I woke up with a decent sized blister on my heel, just at the line between the sole of my foot and the softer skin just above. I do have a new pair of sandals, although I wasn’t aware of irritation while I was walking in them. But they have to be it — I’ve only worn sneakers and low socks otherwise, and both pairs that I use are well worn in.

I didn’t think the blister was too bad, so I put on clean socks, the other pair of sneakers, and did my usual workout. Bad idea. After my shower the blister emerged as puffy and twice the size. I gave it two days with no real diminishment of the fluid inside, and then got impatient. I’m actually quite squeamish about things like this, and popping the blister seemed like a nasty proposition. Massage therapist Nicki was encouraging, and suggested a process for me to follow so the thing wouldn’t get infected. So, off I went to the drugstore for supplies — which included a pin that I could sterilize as I actually don’t have a sewing kit — and did the deed. I’ll let you know how it works out.

How about you? Do you follow internet instructions to leave a large blister alone or get it popped in a doctor’s office, or do you go ahead and jab? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Blister: To Pop or Not

  1. I am a jabber followed by a dab of alcohol. I do the deed when I can keep the area uncovered for awhile.

  2. for Joyce: My jabbing last night was successful — blister much better this morning, and no signs of infection so far. I have no idea what people do who are on long hikes and get a blister like this, as the area is still tender. I think it will be for a couple of days.

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