Tour de France 2017: A Guy Named Lili

A young French rider, Lilian Calmejane, was the winner of Stage 8. I can’t wait to tell Lily that a young Frenchman has her same name. 🙂

The Panamanians have some pretty serious rigidity around gender. Lily was horrified here in Seattle to see men wearing Utilikilts — not the Scottish kind of kilt that men wear with high socks and brogues, but man kilts in stiff fabrics like canvas and in patterns like camouflage or colors like gun-metal grey. Utililkilts are usually worn with heavy black Doc Martin boots and thick socks. Lily was quite adamant that no young man in Panama would wear a skirt. Panamanian men also have unambiguously male names, ditto for females. There’s no real equivalent of gender-neutral names like Madison or Hartley, or unique names like Apple or Moon Unit or Dweezil. Boys are named something like Luis or Miguel or Roberto. Girls get names like Harlennys, Daira, or Jarelys.

I can’t wait to tell our Lily — Lilia after her Bustavino grandmother — that there is a French Lili in the Tour, and that he’s a guy.

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