The Long Term Problem with Trump

Aside from the fact that Trump is the least qualified and least talented person ever to represent the United States on a world stage, there is another, longer term problem. Whatever Trump does on the domestic policy side, there will be winners and losers. He may trigger a trade war and hurt the economy overall, but there will still be winners — the bottom feeders who thrive on picking up devalued assets, for one.

Losers on the domestic side will certainly include heavy consumers of medical care, middle income people between 50-64, Rust belt out-of-work rural and suburban residents whose communities are being hollowed out by opioid addiction, the poor, Muslim Americans, women who believe in reproductive rights, and anyone with a shred of personal integrity. But there will be winners — the 1% who get a huge tax cut, the Sheldon Adelson wing of the Jewish community, the religious right, the Breitbart wing of the alt-right media world, the modern day Klan, and those drawn to autocratic leaders who excel at being grifters and con men.

The question is whether there will be enough winners to re-elect Trump, or someone like him.

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