Who Misunderstands Whom?

Conservative opinion writer Gary Abernathy thinks people like me misunderstand conservatives like him.

The campaign by the Democrats and many in the media to save Obamacare relies largely on dire warnings about how many people will lose health-care coverage under the GOP plan. They wonder: How can Trump’s supporters stick with him when his proposals hurt them the most?

What they fail to grasp is that Trump’s supporters, by and large, are more dedicated to the principle of freedom from government mandates than they are worried about the loss of government subsidies or programs that social activists in Washington think they need.”


Actually, I think Abernathy misunderstands me. I would be fine with Trump supporters opting out of paying for insurance and taking their chances because they prefer freedom. What I’m not then willing to do, as a taxpayer, is cover the cost of their care in the most expensive setting possible — the ER — where people without health coverage go when they get sick. How many Trump supporters do you know who say, “Well, I wanted to be free from having to buy health care and because of Trump and the Republicans, I am. Even though I now have [fill in the blank with the name of any costly illness], I’m not going to seek care because I didn’t pay for it and you can’t make me want it.”

If Mr. Abernathy wanted to be consistent, he should also object to having to carry car insurance before being allowed on the road, or homeowners insurance in order to get a mortgage for a place to live. Both are mandates, just like the mandate to carry health insurance so that you don’t become a burden on everyone else when you inevitably get sick.

Who knows — maybe he objects to those kinds of insurance as well.

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