Between Trump and Putin

What actually happened in the long tete-a-tete between the two autocrats-in-chief, Lavrov and Tillerson, and the translators? We’ll never know. Trump has zero credibility. Every time some American voters are tempted to believe that he’s becoming presidential, he says something nonsensical like “Everyone at the G20 is talking about Podesta and the email server.” Tillerson, whatever credibility he may have had running Exxon, loses more stature every time he, Trump, Nikki Haley, and James Mattis say diametrically opposed things on the same issue — each of them asserting, of course, that the administration is on the same page. Lavrov said Putin assured Trump that Russia didn’t meddle in our election, and Trump is willing to move on. Tillerson said Trump forcefully confronted Putin, and didn’t believe the protestations. The translators had nothing to say.

The bar for Trump is so low that he’s getting approval from David Brooks on PBS News Hour for acting “sort of normal”.

The long-awaited meeting between Trump and Putin has come and gone. We didn’t learn anything new; we already knew that Trump likes autocrats, fancies himself one.

The world continues to churn.

I’m going back to watching the Tour.

4 thoughts on “Between Trump and Putin

  1. Sad when I find the report of the Russian foreign minister more believable than our own secretary of state!

  2. The United States continues to lose Statue intwrnationally under the current president. In fact, the pundits hail Putin as the most powerful man in the world. He’s an embarrassment!

  3. for Katie: Trump is an embarrassment — and his rhetoric is so predictable. As Ada said, it’s hard when we believe Lavrov’s account over Tillerson’s or Trump’s. Everyone in Trump’s orbit suffers a loss of integrity. Hard to think the rewards are commensurate.

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