Residents on The World

My fascination with The World, high end residential cruise ship that plies the globe, will fade as the ship will soon depart Seattle for its next destination. After floating out in Puget Sound for the weekend, the ship docked on Monday morning at Pier 66,  a few blocks from my apartment.

I was walking along the shorefront early Monday morning, and I passed two couples that were clearly among the chi chi residents. There’s a visible difference between a Men’s Wearhouse blue blazer and an expensive bespoke blue blazer with high end trousers, fancy leather shoes, and a silk shirt open at the collar — which both men wore. The women had elegant pantsuits and expensive sunglasses and designer sandals, something you just don’t see in casual Seattle. Both men had carefully trimmed goatees, and upscale haircuts. Oh yes — refugees from The World, to be sure. Nobody, absolutely nobody, who comes to Seattle to board Norwegian, Holland American, Celebrity or Carnival looks anything at all like that.


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