Getting to Know Seattle: The World

I’ve known about the cruise ship The World, which has 165 private residences and sails the globe year in and year out with a very exclusive level of service. I went on the web site to see what a unit costs, and of course you can’t find out without giving them your contact information and having someone contact you. I’m not serious about this, if only because I have motion sickness on the water and have no desire to have to take meds every day just to get through life. But I must admit that while a regular cruise doesn’t appeal to me, this sort of does.

For the first time, I saw The World in Puget Sound — out in the harbor, not docked. They were bringing people in via tender. You can see two other ships at the docks in Magnolia — Holland American and Carnival or Celebrity.

If you scroll down below the pics, I have the link to The World’s web site. Appealing to you, or not?

That slow slung blue barge between The World and the two docked ships is apparently loaded with supplies. It pulled up beside The World and looked as if it was unloading.

I found another site that said studios on The World cost upwards of 1M, plus you have to count on another 10% per year of the purchase price for maintenance and staff salaries. That’s before food and bar bills, spa services, medical care — the essentials of luxury living. A little rich for thee and me. Interestingly the demographic is younger than I’d have expected: 64 average age, with more than a third under 50.

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