The Critic, by Weegee

Weegee, whose real name was Arthur Fellig, was a New York city street photographer whose major body of work was done between the mid-1930’s and the mid-1940’s. One of his most famous works, a photo called The Critic, was taken in 1943. The smugness of the two ladies in tiaras literally drips from the piece. I’ve coveted this print for years, and finally got a good bid to buy it from a New York gallery. My collection is now complete.

Much of Weegee’s work was of lurid mob hits and other crime-related photos — interesting work, but nothing I’d hang on my wall. As much as I love Diane Arbus, she took many shots I wouldn’t hang on my wall either.

6 thoughts on “The Critic, by Weegee

  1. for Ada: Yes, it is. You may recall the pieces I looked at, which I liked but didn’t love and so decided to hold off. A print of The Critic became available at a lower price than the one the gallery quoted the day we were there, so I jumped on it. Very happy to have The Critic on my wall. The funny thing is that neither of my kids has remotely the same taste in photography — they think my prints are weird. 🙂

  2. I can relate to your kids somewhat. While I really enjoyed our visit to the gallery in NY and loved looking at his prints – appreciated his photography, structure and what he was trying to do – would not be something I would purchase, either. 🙂

  3. for Ada: Taste really is individual. No one, absolutely no one, likes my Diane Arbus print but me. 🙂

  4. And obviously you are the one person who should love it! We need to be surrounded by things that give us pleasure. Just finished Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. You should only keep things about which you feel passion and which give you pleasure, for whatever reason.

  5. for Ada: Have had to do quite a bit of paring down of my art work between moves from Rochester, first Seattle rental at 1200 square feet, and now 900 square feet. Everything I have now is something I love, and many of the things I gave away I made significant effort to give to people who would care about them as much as I did.

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