Panama 2018: Hiring David as Our Driver

Lily’s cousin David has always done the Panama City tour part of our visits, and he’s the one who comes to the villa to take people back to the airport. He lives in Panama City with his wife and small daughter; his parents live in the village.

Given that it looks as if I can’t rent a car this year because I’m over 70, David has agreed to be our driver for the whole trip. That will require a bit more advance planning on my part, as I’m used to having the car right there if I want to run to the market. Now, I’ll plan the day ahead and let David know when I’ll need him, so that if he can, he’ll go back into the city for the late afternoon and return the next morning. It’s going to be a lot of driving back and forth.

The Panamanians really turn themselves inside out to accommodate me, and David never charges me enough. He calls it “the family rate”, and says he simply couldn’t accept more. I’m touched and grateful for their caring.

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