Trump’s Latest Tweets

I didn’t need any more proof that Trump is vicious, misogynistic, vulgar, and cruel. We saw all of that during the campaign, and yet enough Americans were willing to rationalize his gross impulses so that they could vote for him as president anyway. His latest tweets savaging Mika Brezinski — only weeks after her father’s death — are more of the same. I’m with Ana Navarro, Republican CNN commentator: Enough of this. Anyone who continues to justify Trump’s behavior is tainted. In my book, that includes all of the supposed adults in the Trump administration: McMaster, Mattis, Tillerson. These are men who know better, know that they’d be thrown out of their jobs for posting similar rants. But they excuse it in Trump. So do Republicans in Congress. Some say the Trump tweets are unacceptable — but that’s it. Everyone moves on, until the next time.

Melania Trump supposedly wants cyber-bullying to be her signature issue. I’d say she can start any time. She has to look no farther than her husband.

What I think the tweets show is how much the press is getting under Trump’s skin — and how much the job of governing, as opposed to campaigning in front of adoring audiences, is beyond him. He has a thing with powerful women — they unhinge him. I say the press should keep going after him as hard as they can, double down, triple down. There is a line that he will cross, eventually, that even Republicans can’t excuse.

Nailing Richard Nixon took a long time, and Nixon was a lot smarter than Trump.

I don’t think the country can recover from four years of this vulgar, vicious incompetence. We will have sunk too low. I’m no fan of smarmy Mike Pence, but Trump is simply beyond the pale.

4 thoughts on “Trump’s Latest Tweets

  1. It is, indeed, a vulgar Reality TV Show Trump is starring in. It is certainly not statesmanship or governance. It’s ironic that those who pro port to support freedom for all do not condemn his unethical, bizarre, and unacceptable behaviors.

  2. for Katie: I’m disgusted by the tepid response from Republicans, and most of all by the “It’s just Trump being Trump” mantra. Normalizing this buffoon is deeply damaging to our culture and our democracy.

  3. I realize I now watch news reporters for one thing when quoting Trump. They word for word him, ” very very” or ” many many” .It always makes me laugh whEn they quote a 4 word phrase of his response and 2 of them are the same descriptive words.

  4. for J: If your kids talked like this, you’d make them take a deep breath and decide what they want to say instead of filling the air with empty words. Now we have to put up with it in a president.

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