Why Isn’t President Obama Responding?

Trump is doing his best to draw former President Obama into a squabble, and Obama isn’t responding. That’s all to the good, in my view. Trump needs a foil, otherwise he’s left flailing. All through the campaign, Hillary Clinton was his foil. Now, Trump is trying to set up a new punching bag — in addition to the media. Wisely, Obama is standing back, letting Trump fling his corrosive tweets into thin air.

Is it smart, or should the former president respond? According to new polling, former President Obama’s credibility is far higher than Trump’s:

“ANOTHER POLL FINDS TRUMP’S APPROVAL IN THE TOILET: A new PBS/NPR/Marist poll finds Trump’s approval rating at 37-51. And here’s another striking finding:

Who do you think is a more effective leader?

President Donald Trump: 34

Former president Barack Obama: 58

Looks like a large majority of Americans is already tired of all the winning.”


Trump’s style may feed the rage of his core supporters, but it’s not making any headway with the rest of us. I think President Obama is doing the right thing by ignoring Trump, and I hope the Obama family continues to enjoy their post-presidential life.

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