Writing Life: Good Journalism and Writing about Trump

Yamiche Alcindor is a fine journalist; I’ve seen her various times on Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources, which airs on CNN on Sunday morning. I have to manage the number of Trump articles I read, lest I drive myself crazy. So I was about to pass over an article entitled, “HUD Pick Took A Different Path From Her Predecessors” until I saw that Alcindor had written it.


This is an artful piece. Rather than simply saying that having the Trump administration appoint the family event planner to a critical post heading HUD programs in New York and New Jersey is ridiculous, Alcindor put the young woman’s profile and credentials — or lack of them — side by side with previous appointees. Alcindor invites the reader to draw the obvious conclusion: here is yet another example of the Trump administration’s disdain for experience and expertise, and its disrespect for the populations being served.

Well done. The article will only reach people who can distinguish journalism from the sycophantic Trump flattery on Fox News, or the fake news on Breitbart and its ilk. But for those of us who think good journalism is important, this piece shines.

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